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Marine Ecosystem Task Force

The OAR Climate Program Office’s Modeling, Analysis, Predictions and Projections (MAPP) Program has organized the Marine Ecosystem Task Force (METF) to coordinate the activities of researchers supported through the MAPP-National Marine Fisheries Service (NMFS) Office of Science and Technology (S&T) Fiscal Year 2020 grant competition “Modeling Climate Impacts on Predictability of Fisheries and Other Living Marine Resources”. The goal of this research initiative is to improve the modeling of how climate impacts the predictability of fisheries and other living marine resources across timescales. This initiative is a substantial contribution to NOAA’s needs to strengthen climate-related science as it relates to marine ecosystems regionally and nationally.

The core membership of the Task Force is comprised of MAPP/S&T-funded principal investigators (PIs) from universities and NOAA and other Federal centers and laboratories. Members of the Task Force also include invited scientists from across the community with interest and expertise in seasonal predictability and prediction for marine applications.

Through monthly teleconferences, the Task Force provides a formal mechanism for PIs to communicate, coordinate, and collaborate. Via the Task Force, PIs share new datasets, methodologies, and results, as well as to ultimately synthesize their collective efforts through technical reports, review articles, or journal special collections and engage with the rest of the community via workshops and meeting sessions. The Task Force also facilitates collaboration with other relevant activities inside and outside of NOAA.

The Marine Prediction Task Force is a three-year effort starting September 2020.

Task Force Function and Implementation


Physical Sciences Laboratory, NOAA
Southwest Fisheries Science Center, ESRL, NOAA
Scripps Oceanography
Physical Sciences Laboratory, NOAA

Terms of Reference

  • MAPP Program Management has selected four co-leads for the Task Force.
  • The Task Force leads, with input from the broad Task Force membership, provide scientific leadership and establish activities for the Task Force. MAPP Program management provides programmatic guidance on Task Force activities as needed, working with the leads.
  • All PIs supported through the MAPP-S&T Fiscal Year 2020 Modeling Climate Impacts on Predictability of Fisheries and Other Living Marine Resources competition are expected to participate in the Task Force as described in their proposals. Otherwise, participation in the Task Force is by invitation.
  • Most of the Task Force work will be conducted remotely via telecons or virtual meetings, or through meetings of opportunity.
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