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Notice of Funding Opportunities

Researchers use a new global paleoclimate data product to enhance our understanding of the ways temperature and precipitation have responded to each other over the past 2,000 years, in a new COM-supported Nature Geoscience paper.

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New research on the key role of phytoplankton in the global carbon cycle was supported by a joint COM, CVP, and GOMO grant….
COM/CVP/GOMO supported research team releases a new data product providing global plankton community size structure observations to benefit biogeochemical modeling.  
Depleting water resources in the Tigris–Euphrates river basin is primarily driven by interannual drought and plant transpiration processes, with additional impact from decadal scale declining…
New COM-supported research produces the first detailed dataset of foram species variations in the Northern California Current during marine heat wave events….
This workshop, organized by the COM- and CVP-supported Sea Ice Modeling Collaboration Team, will work toward collaboration in model development, evaluation, applications, and advancements….
Significant improvements in ocean acidification data and projections through 2100 are published in a new data product supported by a collaborative initiative between COM, CVP,…
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