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Model Diagnostics Task Force


The Model Diagnostics Task Force is constituted to develop, coordinate, and implement process-based model evaluation metrics and a metrics framework in National modeling center metrics packages, leveraging ongoing efforts at the modeling centers toward advancing model evaluation and development capabilities. This Task Force is constituted of researchers whose projects were successfully evaluated as part of the FY21 competition held by NOAA’s Modeling, Analysis, Predictions, and Projections program on the topic of Process Oriented Metrics. This competition was motivated to address key issues in the representation of Earth system processes in CMIP6-era and developmental models to improve model fidelity. Ten projects were selected as a result of the competitive process.

Task Force Function and Implementation


University of California, Los Angeles


Weather and climate models are an essential part of predicting extreme weather events and projecting future changes in climate. Since these models can enable better disaster preparedness and reduce risks related to extreme weather, it is important to ensure that their simulations include limited bias or error.
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