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A new study funded by CPO’s Climate Observation Division was recently published in the Bulletin of the American Meteorological Society. The study by Cheng et…
The Western Water Assessment’s (WWA), a NOAA CAP/RISA team, Liz Payton presents highlights and a Q&A for the draft water chapter of the Fifth National…
Researchers from the Western Water Assessment – a part of CPO’s Regional Integrated Sciences & Assessments (RISA) program – joined a Jan. 17 roundtable discussion…
Western Water Assessment, a NOAA CAP/RISA team, new article reflects on investigators experience coproducing climate adaptation knowledge and strategies in six rural communities….
The Western Water Assessment (WWA), a NOAA CAP/RISA team, and the Sectoral Applications Research Program (SARP) fund new work studying systems to identify how to…
The role of climate and weather in understanding, predicting, and reducing the impact of COVID-19 is not well understood. This summary highlights both operational and…
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