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Decadal Climate Variability and Predictability 2023 Webinar Series

For questions about the webinar series, please contact Jose Algarin.

The NOAA Climate Variability and Predictability (CVP) Program is hosting a webinar series on Decadal Climate Variability and Predictability that will highlight the recent results from the CVP-funded projects. The goal of these modeling studies is to identify the state, mechanisms, and sources of climate predictability on the interannual to decadal timescale. This research will lead to future improvements in skillful decadal prediction systems for climate—ocean and atmosphere. The webinar series will have eight sessions (running on a weekly basis) starting on Thursday, April 20, 2023 and ending on Thursday, June 8, 2023. Each session will be one-hour long, and feature two, 20-minute presentations. There will be time for questions from the audience. All sessions will be recorded and preserved in this page. We look forward to your participation in this series!

CVP Spring 2023 Decadal Climate Variability and Predictability Webinar Schedule


Project Title

April 20, 2023 2:00 PM Eastern (ET) The Seasonal-to-Multiyear Large Ensemble (SMYLE) Prediction System using the Community Earth System Model Version 2 | 

  • Presenter: Steve Yeager (NCAR)
    A coupled modeling strategy to simulate historical decadal variations of Atlantic meridional overturning circulation |

  • Presenter: Qiuying Zhang (Texas A&M University)
    April 27, 2023 2:00 PM Eastern (ET) Strong Red Noise Ocean Forcing on Atlantic Multidecadal Variability Assessed from Surface Heat Flux: Theory and Application | 

  • Presenter: Zhengyu Liu (Ohio State University)
    Exploring the non-stationarity of coastal sea level probability distributions | 

  • Presenter: Fabrizio Falasca (New York University)
    May 4, 2023 2:00 PM Eastern (ET) Atlantic Multidecadal Climate Variability is Mostly Forced | 

  • Presenter:Amy Clement (University of Miami)
    How does ocean dynamics impact predictability of Atlantic sea surface temperature? | 

  • Presenter: Martha Buckley (George Mason University)
    May 8, 2023 2:00 PM Eastern (ET) Decadal variability of the Pacific Subtropical Cells and the role of local wind forcing | 

  • Presenter: Antonietta Capotondi (NOAA/PSL)
    Role of the Maritime Continent in the remote influence of Atlantic Niño on the Pacific | 

  • Presenter: Ping Chang (Texas A&M University)
    May 15, 2023 2:00 PM Eastern (ET) Volcanic forcing degrades multiyear-to-decadal prediction skill in the tropical Pacific | 

  • Presenter: Xian Wu (NOAA/GFDL)
    Exceptional multi-year prediction skill of the Kuroshio Extension in a high-resolution decadal prediction system | 

  • Presenter: Who Kim (NCAR)
    May 25, 2023 2:00 PM Eastern (ET) Do Models Correctly Simulate Atlantic Variability? | 

  • Presenter: Timothy DelSole (George Mason University)
    Atlantic meridional overturning circulation increases flood risk along the United States southeast coast | 

  • Presenter: Denis Volkov (NOAA/AOML)
    June 1, 2023 2:00 PM Eastern (ET) Mechanisms of interannual- to decadal-scale predictability for ocean physics and biogeochemistry in the California Current System | 

  • Presenter: Mer Pozo Buil (University of California – Santa Cruz)
    Predicting marine stressors multiple months in advance | 

  • Presenter: Samuel Mogen (University of Colorado – Boulder)
    June 8, 2023 2:00 PM Eastern (ET) Mesoscale and Submesoscale shelfbreak exchange drives a subsurface marine heatwave | 

  • Presenter: Ke Chen (Woods Hole Oceanographic Institute)
    Local and Remote Forcing Mechanisms for Sub-seasonal to Interannual Variability of Sea Level along US East Coast | 

  • Presenter: Jiayan Yang (Woods Hole Oceanographic Institute)
    Characteristics of seasonal and interannual sea level changes in the North Atlantic | 

  • Presenter: Jian Zhao (University of Maryland Center for Environmental Science)
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