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Marine Ecosystems Climate Risk Team Participants

Frank Muller-Karger (Lead) University of South Florida
Tammy Silva (Co-Lead)Stellwagen Bank National Marine Sanctuary
Chris Kelble (Co-Lead)
Stephanie Brodie (Co-Lead), University of California Santa Cruz

Jacob KritzerNortheastern Regional Association of Coastal Ocean Observing Systems
Kelly DunningAuburn University
Melanie FewingsOregon State University
Rebecca AschEast Carolina University
Franci ChanOregon State University
Benjamin HaskellStellwagen Bank National Marine Sanctuary
David WileyStellwagen Bank National Marine Sanctuary
Tammy SilvaStellwagen Bank National Marine Sanctuary
Sam SiedleckiUniversity of Connecticut
Cheryl HarrisonLouisiana State University
Andrew R. ThompsonSouthwest Fisheries Science Center
Brandy CervantesOregon State University
Chris SimonielloGulf of Mexico Coastal Ocean Observing System
Craig RisienOregon State University
Danielle LipskiNOAA
Deepak CherianNCAR
Francisco P. ChavezMonterey Bay Aquarium Research Institute
Frederic CastruccioNCAR
Jacqueline MotykaNortheastern Regional Association of Coastal Ocean Observing Systems
Jarrod A. SantoraSouthwest Fisheries Science Center
Jeffrey RungeUniversity of Maine
Jennifer BrownMonterey Bay National Marine Sanctuary
Jennifer DortonSoutheast Coastal Ocean Observing Regional Association
Jerome FiechterUniversity of California, Santa Cruz
Joel LlopizWoods Hole Oceanographic Institute
Joshua KilbornUniversity of South Florida
Kristen KrumhardtNCAR
Melissa MoultonNCAR
Monique MessieMonterey Bay Aquarium Research Institute
Rebecca ZargerUniversity of South Florida
Rubao JiWoods Hole Oceanographic Institute
Ryan FreedmanChannel Islands National Marine Sanctuary
Steven BogradSouthwest Fisheries Science Center
Thomas ClayUniversity of California, Santa Cruz
Nerea Lezama-OchoaUniversity of California, Santa Cruz
Jenny WaddellNOAA Olympic Coast National Marine Sanctuary (OCNMS)
Katie WrubelNOAA Olympic Coast National Marine Sanctuary (OCNMS)
J. TrinanesNOAA/CoastWatch
Scott BensenSouthwest Fisheries Science Center
Karin ForneySouthwest Fisheries Science Center
Elliot HazenSouthwest Fisheries Science Center
Michael JacoxSouthwest Fisheries Science Center
Andrew LeisingSouthwest Fisheries Science Center
Jarrod SantoraSouthwest Fisheries Science Center
Jeff SeminoffSouthwest Fisheries Science Center
Jameal SamhouriNorthwest Fisheries Science Center
Owen LiuNorthwest Fisheries Science Center
Megan CiminoUniversity of California, Santa Cruz
Barbara MuhlingSouthwest Fisheries Science Center
Mercedes Pozo BuilSouthwest Fisheries Science Center
Heather WelchSouthwest Fisheries Science Center
Briana AbrahmsUniversity of Washington
Daniel PalaciosOregon State University
Scott ShafferNortheast Fisheries Science Center
Elizabeth BeckerSouthwest Fisheries Science Center
Joe Schumacker 
Tommy Moore 
Charles SeatonColumbia River Inter-Tribal Fish Commission
Kym JacobsonNorthwest Fisheries Science Center
Jennifer FisherNorthwest Fisheries Science Center
Maria KavanaughOregon State University
Andy BrucknerFlorida Keys National Marine Sanctuary
E. Montes 
M. Johnston 
Daniel Otis 
Tylar Murray 
Digna Rueda Roa

University of South Florida

Brian BartlettEast Carolina University
Dan Palance 
Amanda WarlickUniversity of Washington
Pike SpectorOlympic Coast National Marine Sanctuary
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