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CAP/RISA Puerto Rico Climate Adaptation Specialist Wanda Crespo-Acevedo records podcast on climate change

Credit: UrbanaPlanifica
Credit: UrbanaPlanifica

Wanda Crespo-Acevedo, a Climate Adaptation Partnerships formerly known as the Regional Integrated Sciences and Assessments Program (CAP/RISA) Climate Adaptation Specialist based in Puerto Rico, was interviewed by the podcast UrbanaPlanifica where the hosts talked about issues of urban and regional planning, community recovery and resilience in Puerto Rico. 

Recently, Wanda has been involved in the Puerto Rico State of the Climate Report as an author. The report evaluates climate change indicators for Puerto Rico and their effects on ecology and biodiversity, on society, and includes a framework for its dissemination. The report is prepared by the Puerto Rico Climate Change Council (PRCCC), a collaborative, multidisciplinary and voluntary group of professionals from federal and Commonwealth agencies, private companies, academia, independent researchers, and the nonprofit sector. For the report, she also prepared a summary of chapter 1 in Spanish, simplifying the information on climate indicators to facilitate the understanding of the information in Puerto Rico. 

In the episode “About Climate Change,” (“Sobre el cambio climático”), Wanda discusses these reports along with climate change indicators, short and long term effects of climate, and how Puerto Rico can prepare for climate impacts through adaptation planning. 

Listen to the podcast episode here » 

For more information, contact Wanda Crespo-Acevedo.

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