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COM-Funded Team Develops Prototype Server to Host NOAA Buoy Measurements


A NOAA Pacific Marine Environmental Laboratory (PMEL) research team, led by Dr. Meghan Cronin with funding from CPO’s Climate Observation and Monitoring (COM) Program, have developed an ERDDAP and accompanying dashboard prototype. The prototype will host and display long time-series of NOAA funded buoy measurements in the global network of OceanSITES long time-series reference stations. ERDDAP is a type of data server that provides a simple and consistent way to archive and download subsets of scientific datasets in common file formats. The dashboard opens a window for users to visualize and select data in formats that can fit both the needs of the broader scientific community and the public. This protype milestone is an important step toward increasing the use and accessibility of NOAA’s ocean data collected at PMEL and other U.S. institutions.

For this project, the COM-funded research group created a cross-NOAA collaboration with a Global Ocean Monitoring and Observation (GOMO)-funded project, led by PMEL’s Dr. Eugene Burger. The ERDDAP and dashboard development will provide with the new capability of data display and delivery, as well as host the diurnal cycle of air-sea interaction metrics derived by this project. Over the next two years, the team will work to implement their prototype via a webpage hosted by PMEL and OceanSITES. This milestone highlights the value of collaborations between PMEL’s Ocean Climate Research group who carry out higher-order analyses to develop metrics for the science community, and PMEL’s Science Data Integration Group who develop ways to integrate and deliver the data/analyses to maximize reach to the broader science community.

As part of this ongoing work, Dr. Dongxiao Zhang will give a presentation during the Virtual Conference OceanSITES, “Air-Sea Exchange – Reference Time Series for 2030” on Sep 15 at 2:45-4:15pm UTC to invite collaborations from the international OceanSITES projects to develop products for air-sea interaction research and monitoring.

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