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Updating the most complete archive of surface marine observations


The National Centers for Environmental Information released the latest update of the International Comprehensive Ocean–Atmosphere Data Set (release 3.0). This new data set, which was partially funded by the CPO’s Climate Observation Division, incorporates a wide range of new and improved data and metadata sources.
The updated dataset fosters closer integration with the oceanographic community by extending observations to include for the first time near-surface variables, like salinity, nutrients, and dissolved carbonate chemistry. The update also implements major innovations in provenance tracking, including unique IDs for all individual marine reports and dataset Digital Object Identifiers, or DOIs.
Built from extensive national and international partnerships, the dataset is the world’s most extensive surface marine meteorological and oceanographic data collection. It supports a variety of climate products, including the global surface temperature record, winds, pressure, humidity, clouds, and estimates of air–sea exchange.
Access the data set:
Access a paper about the data set release: doi:10.1002/joc.4775

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