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AdSci Publishes the Second Monograph in Their Webinar Series on Climate Adaptation in the Water Sector


The “Showcasing Leading Practices in Climate Adaptation” report is the second monograph in a series on climate adaptation by the NOAA Climate Program Office, Climate and Societal Interactions (CSI), Adaptation Sciences (AdSci) Program. This specific monograph was done in partnership with the Water Utility Climate Alliance (WUCA), The Water Research Foundation (WRF), and the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA). The monograph was based on the webinar series running from November 2021 to February 2022. 

The monograph explores practical lessons focused on steps that water resource managers can take to integrate climate science and build climate resilience. Having worked on climate adaptation for over a decade, leading practitioners in the drinking water, wastewater, and stormwater sectors have learned many lessons and developed a variety of approaches to share with peers that are applicable to any sector. Expanding the exchange of knowledge across communities will foster more effective adaptation and improve community resilience.

This document is organized into 8 sections, which provides high level summaries of each of the webinar sessions, which are as follows:

1. Leading Practices in Climate Adaptation

2. Engineering Case Studies

3. Mapping Climate-related Risks and Opportunities to Key Business Functions

4. Equity and Environmental Justice Considerations in Climate Adaptation

5. Green Stormwater Infrastructure

6. Greenhouse Gas and Energy

7. Climate Warming and Impacts to Staff and Assets

8. Federal and Other Funding for Adaptation

For more information, contact Amanda Speciale.

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