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AdSci to Host Webinar on Research for Action on Climate Change and Health in the Caribbean


On May 17th, from 10:30 am – 12 pm ET,  the NOAA Adaptation Sciences Program will host a webinar featuring a project focused on developing a Research for Action on Climate Change and Health in the Caribbean.. This work is supported in part by NOAA’s International Research and Applications Project (IRAP), which is now part of the NOAA Adaptation Sciences Program

The principal investigators will present on the development of the “research for action” agenda, which was one of the major objectives of the virtual Conference on Climate Change and Health in Small Island Developing States: Focus on the Caribbean. 

The PIs assert that although the Caribbean is one of the regions of the world most vulnerable to the adverse health effects of climate change, research on climate change and health in the Caribbean is sparse and disjointed, and not well communicated to those who need to act. 

The “research for action” agenda serves as a platform to motivate researchers to frame and encourage context-specific, interdisciplinary research to inform sustainable and equitable solutions. Following the conference, the Research for Action on Climate Change and Health in the Caribbean Project was formed to complete the process of developing the agenda. This webinar will further elaborate on the motivation for developing the agenda, its background, methodology, and structure; illustrative case studies on the noncommunicable diseases and mental health sections of the agenda; and cross-cutting themes within the agenda, including the opportunities to link the climate and health communities, potential collaborative research opportunities, and future directions for more impact-oriented research.

Register for the webinar here »

For more information, contact Amanda Speciale.

Image credit: AdSc

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