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CAFA-funded scientists and partners leading the way on targeted research on climate impacts to fisheries and fishing-dependent communities


Scientists from NOAA Fisheries and academic partners gathered at the 5th symposium on the Effects of Climate Change on the World’s Ocean (ECCWO5) to share insights and information on climate-induced changes in the oceans and the ecological and socio-economic impacts that marine ecosystems are facing. Scientists funded by NOAA’s Climate and Fisheries Adaptation Program shared their research via 23 oral and poster presentations, a workshop on global comparable marine ecosystem models, and sessions convened on using Management Strategy Evaluation (MSE) to improve fisheries management under changing ocean conditions and how to equitably manage challenges in socio-ecological systems due to climate-related changes in ecosystems. The presentation of this research shared information and knowledge and allowed for exploration of new collaborations with international scientists.

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For more information, contact Grace Roskar or Jen Dopkowski.

Image credit: ECCWO5

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