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CarbonTracker CT2013B Update


CarbonTracker, a CO2 measurement and modeling system developed by NOAA to keep track of sources (emissions to the atmosphere) and sinks (removal from the atmosphere) of carbon dioxide around the world, has come out with its latest update: CT2013B. This effort is supported by CPO’s AC4 Program.
CarbonTracker uses atmospheric CO2 observations from a host of collaborators and simulated atmospheric transport to estimate these surface fluxes of CO2. The current release of CarbonTracker, CT2013B, provides global estimates of surface-atmosphere fluxes of CO2 from January 2000 through December 2012. This update is the result of a major revision to simulated atmospheric transport in the TM5 model. A revised method for handling convective fluxes has significantly improved TM5’s simulation of sulfur hexafluoride observations, and also has resulted in major changes to regional flux estimates.
Notably, our estimates of CO2 uptake by the North American temperate and European regions have been sharply reduced.
CT2013B is available now at Fluxes, mole fractions, and other data products may be downloaded from

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