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Home » Carolinas RISA publishes South Carolina Drought Tabletop Workshop Report

Carolinas RISA publishes South Carolina Drought Tabletop Workshop Report


In 2017, the Carolinas Integrated Sciences and Assessments (CISA), a CPO RISA team, and the South Carolina State Climatology Office launched a project to enhance the state’s Drought Response Program and improve drought preparedness and response. CISA just published the executive summary and full report for the July 2019 drought tabletop exercise associated with this effort. The exercise sought to simulate the state drought monitoring and response process, identify gaps in existing processes and prioritize follow-up actions, and increase awareness of participants’ roles and responsibilities for drought response and planning within their agencies and organizations. This second event of the initiative convened 92 participants from 48 different organizations representing water, energy, agriculture, and emergency management sectors. 

Learn more about CISA’s support to South Carolina’s Drought Response Program »


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