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CLIMAS, a NOAA CAP/RISA team, records Southwest (SW) Climate Podcast on regional weather/transition events


The Climate and Assessment of the Southwest (CLIMAS), a NOAA CAP/RISA team, SW Climate Podcast aims to synthesize information and data from experts, forecasts, and models to help listeners better understand or anticipate climate and weather risks in the Southwest. Hosts discuss weather events and climate patterns, social and environmental contexts where these data and information might be applied, and the lessons that we can learn from recent events and long term experiences.

Mike Crimmons and Zack Guido, researchers with CLIMAS, host the November episode of the SW Climate podcast titled, “Checking in on the Extended Transition Season.” The podcast is featured on CLIMAS’s monthly Southwest Climate Outlook letter that includes information on recent precipitation trends, drought monitors, water supply, the El Niño Southern Oscillation, etc. In this episode, the hosts discuss recent weather/transition events and how they relate to monsoon-like vs. fall and winter events along with a hazard report for potential winter weather events and hazards. The podcast is available on Apple Podcasts, Spotify, and the CLIMAS website.

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Image credit: CLIMAS

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