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Climate Program Office Featured in 2023 NOAA Science Report

Cover of 2023 NOAA Science Report

NOAA recently released the 2023 NOAA Science Report. The report describes NOAA’s progress and accomplishments in research and development. While CPO was not cited in the report, elements of NOAA’s scientific advancements were made possible through CPO investments. 

Read below to see where CPO was featured in the report.

Morgan Zabow, Dr. Sarah Kapnick, Rafael DeAmeller, and Juan Pablo Hurtado of NOAA at the American Possibilities: A White House Demo Day showcasing the Urban Heat Island virtual reality experience.

Page 9: In November 2023, NIHHIS Community Heat and Health Information Coordinator, Morgan Zabow, the Chief Scientist, Sarah Kapnick, Ph.D., Lead of the Environmental Visualization Laboratory, Rafael DeAmeller and Visualization Lead for Science on a Sphere, Juan Pablo Hurtado, attended American Possibilities: A White House Demo Day to showcase the virtual reality experience of the Urban Heat Island of Washington, D.C. 

Fifth National Climate Assessment cover

Page 34: This science and knowledge is openly shared through the Fifth National Climate Assessment (NCA5), unveiled at the White House. The NCA5, a congressionally-mandated report, provides a roadmap to a better future through science-based information, data, and real-world examples of ways to reduce greenhouse gas pollution and develop resilience. NOAA made significant contributions to the NCA5, including 35 authors and 13 chapter leaders, reflecting the agency’s critical role in observing, predicting, and working with communities to build resilience to the effects of climate change.

Five CPO staff were heavily involved in the creation of the NCA5. CPO’s Caitlin Simpson was the Adaptation chapter Federal coordinating lead author and Ariela Zycherman was the Social Systems and Justice chapter Federal coordinating lead author. Chelsea Combest-Friedman was reviewer of the Social Systems and Justice chapter. Molly Woloszyn was a reviewer of the Midwest chapter. Dan Barrie was the NOAA representative on the Federal Steering Committee.

Physical Sciences Laboratory research and development application to explore ocean heatwaves. 

Page 37: NOAA has developed a new experimental forecast to predict marine heatwaves globally. In recent decades the ocean has absorbed an estimated 90% of excess heat associated with global warming. Funding from the Climate Program Office’s Modeling, Analysis, Predictions, and Projections (MAPP) program contributed to the new Physical Sciences Laboratory experimental forecasting model.

NOAA urban heat island mapping campaign locations from 2017-2023

Pages 38-40: Section 3.4 “The Heat Is On!…Land and in the Air” features CPO’s interagency NIHHIS program’s Urban Heat Island (UHI) campaigns. To learn more about the UHI mapping campaigns, click here

AGES+ coordinating activities 

Page 43:  NOAA and partners lead largest air quality research campaign yet. AGES+ focused on field measurements of urban and marine atmospheric composition that took place during summer 2023. The Climate Program Office’s Atmospheric Chemistry, Carbon Cycle and Climate (AC4) and Earth’s Radiation Budget (ERB) programs supported projects for components of the AGES+ campaign. 

To read the full 2023 NOAA Science Report, click here.

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