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Climate Resilience Fund announces Coordination and Collaboration in the Resilience Ecosystem Grantmaking Program


The Climate Resilience Fund (CRF) has released its Request for Proposals for the annual grants competition of the Coordination and Collaboration in the Resilience Ecosystem Program— a public-private partnership with CPO and the Doris Duke Charitable Foundation. The competition aims to rapidly scale up climate adaptation and resilience services in the United States. With funding from the CPO Communication, Education, and Engagement Division’s (CEE) most recent grant opportunity, CRF matched the public and private funding they received to double the amount of money available to support collaborative projects.

The Coordination and Collaboration in the Resilience Ecosystem Program provides grants to qualifying organizations for collaborative projects that improve, combine, align, or scale existing climate services that support adaptation and resilience activities and outcomes. CRF considers these grants as “glue money”—funding that will be used to build upon, strengthen or connect two or more tools or resources within the climate services sector. Rather than funding the creation of new products, the competition is designed to incentivize innovative collaborations to scale existing resources. 

CRF’s Request for Proposals was developed with significant input from the Second Resilience Ecosystem Workshop (REW2), co-hosted by CEE.  Prospective applicants are strongly encouraged to review the recently released REW2 Workshop Summary/Report and the Resilience Ecosystem’s Theory of Change.

View the Request for Proposals »

Read the REW2 summary report »

Review the Theory of Change »

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