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Home » Climate-Smart Strategies for Coastal Communities: Taking Advantage of the Community Rating System

Climate-Smart Strategies for Coastal Communities: Taking Advantage of the Community Rating System

Webinar Date: Tuesday, November 1st @ 12 PM

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This webinar will orient coastal managers to taking advantage of the National Flood Insurance Program (NFIP), which provides a consistent means of acquiring insurance against flooding from storm surge, precipitation, and other sources. Within the NFIP is the Community Rating System, which rewards communities that go above and beyond minimum flood safety requirements by providing a discount on flood insurance to residents of participating communities. Come and learn practical methods to improve your CRS scores.

Shannon Jarbeau, CFM 
CRS & Floodplain Coordinator 
Barnstable County/Cape Cod Cooperative Extension 
Shannon has developed the first regional approach in the country for enhancing economic opportunities and climate resilience via the Community Rating System (CRS) program. With support from Woods Hole Sea Grant, she provides technical and managerial assistance to all of the towns in Barnstable County, Massachusetts so residents in the county may save money on their insurance bill and communities are safer from flooding by improving CRS scores at a local level. 

Madeleine Russell, CFM 
UGA Marine Extension and Georgia Sea Grant 
Madeleine explains, in plain English, how communities can make the greatest strides to improve their own CRS scores. By looking across Georgia’s coastal communities, Madeleine devised a strategy that takes advantage of lessons learned in each place so that floodplain managers across the state can benefit. She leverages her position as Local Government Outreach with Georgia Sea Grant to provide resources, trainings, and participate in the Coastal Georgia CRS Users Group to build community resilience to natural hazards and accomplish an improvement in coastal CRS scores. 

Edward Gardiner, PhD 
Climate Resilience Toolkit Engagement Manager 
Edward will moderate this panel and provide insight into how this information can help enhance climate resilience within your own community.

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