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Climate Specialist Rick Thoman with the Alaska Center for Climate Assessment and Policy (ACCAP), a NOAA CAP/RISA team, co-authors NOAA’s Arctic Report Card 2022


Alaska Climate Specialist Rick Thoman of the Alaska Center for Climate Assessment and Policy, a NOAA CAP/RISA team, is a co-author on the complete NOAA Arctic Report Card (ARC) 2022 and its Executive Summary. He produces reliable Alaska climate change information and graphics describing Alaska’s changing environment. His work spans the bridge between climate modeling, Alaska communities, and media.

ARC 2022 is a peer-reviewed source of relevant environmental information on the current state of the Arctic system. The 2022 report includes sections on vital signs, other indicators, and frostbites. Vital Signs focuses on annual updates for precipitation, surface air temperature; terrestrial snow cover; Greenland Ice Sheet; sea ice; sea surface temperature; Arctic Ocean primary productivity; and tundra greenness. Other indicators report on new topics that are updated every 2-4 years. Frostbites focuses on new and newsworthy items for emerging issues long-term observations of the Arctic. ARC 2022 is compiled by 147 authors from 11 countries. Some highlights of ARC 2022 are: The Arctic continues to warm more than twice as fast as the rest of the globe, with even greater warming in some locations and times of year and The average surface air temperature over the Arctic for this past year (October 2021-September 2022) was the 6th warmest since 1900. The last seven years are collectively the warmest seven years on record.

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Image credit: Sarah Kaye, US Coast Guard, USA & National Science Foundation, Alexandria, VA, USA.

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