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CPO Director to attend the 1st Pan Pacific International Conference on Climate Change Adaptation


Climate Program Office Director Wayne Higgins is scheduled to attend the Pan Pacific International Conference on Climate Change Agenda (PPICCA) in Taipei, Taiwan from Sept. 26 – Oct. 3, 2014.
Dr. Higgins will provide a Keynote presentation on U.S. and NOAA activities related to climate change resilience. with an emphasis on the President’s Climate Action Plan. He will also provide a second panel presentation on specific NOAA capabilities and products related to climate adaptation using both domestic and international examples.
Additional side meetings include a bilateral discussion to explore future collaborative work between the Taiwan Environmental Protection Agency and NOAA, as well as a visit and presentation to the Taiwan Central Weather Bureau (CWB). Dr. Higgins will be accompanied by John Marra (NESIDS/NCDC Regional Climate Services Director for the Pacific region) and Sky Yang (NWS/NCEP). Other U.S. participants include EPA and academic representatives.

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