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CPO-funded CLEAN Program Begins 18th Annual Review


This year, the Climate Literacy and Energy Awareness Network (CLEAN) will host its 18th annual climate resource review. The program is currently funded by NOAA’s Climate Education Program within the Climate Program Office’s CEE Division, but has also received funding from NSF, DOE and NASA in the past. The CLEAN review team strives to provide a collection of the most accurate and up-to-date information for educators to use in climate curriculum development. Resources must pass a rigorous, multi-step review process to be included in the award-winning CLEAN collection.

Since the online body of available climate educational materials is constantly in flux, continuous review is necessary to introduce new resources to the collection, fix broken ones, and archive old, unsupported programs or out of date science. These past few years have been especially prolific for educational climate material development. The 2022 review will be split into two sessions, due to a high volume of educational climate resources and materials needing attention. 

This year’s review camp will tackle a total of 105 resources across the two sessions. The resources are divided into the following three categories: short videos, activities (including lesson plans, short experiments or demonstrations, and other classroom activities), and visualizations (including  interactive simulations, animations, and static visualizations like graphs or figures from scientific reports). The minimum passing criteria for each resource or program requires that it address or relate to the topics of climate or energy, be easy to implement in educational settings, and be free and accessible to educators online.

In total, 22 reviewers are involved across the two review camp sessions this year. The result of the review process will be an updated collection of the best available climate resources. This active, yearly review process supports the continuous development of strong climate curriculum and bridges the gap of accessible education, making it easy for anyone to utilize and learn from these cutting-edge climate science resources.

The Teaching Climate section of has syndicated the CLEAN collection since 2010.  

For more information, contact Frank Niepold.

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