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Home » CPO-funded Scientist Receives AMS Meisinger Award

CPO-funded Scientist Receives AMS Meisinger Award


CPO-funded scientist Dr. Isla Simpson recently received The Clarence Leroy Meisinger Award from the American Meteorological Society (AMS). This award is given to an individual in “recognition of research achievement that concerns the observation, theory, and modeling of atmospheric motions on all scales.”

Dr. Simpson has an extensive history in drought and climate research and leads CPO’s Modeling, Analysis, Predictions, and Projections (MAPP) Drought Task Force. The task force was created to coordinate activities of researchers supported through the MAPP/NIDIS Fiscal Year 2020 grant competition “Characterizing and Anticipating U.S. Droughts’ Complex Interactions.” This research initiative will help advance the understanding of drought causes and predictability as well as drought modeling, prediction, and monitoring capabilities.

Dr. Simpson received her Ph.D. in Atmospheric Physics in 2009 at the Imperial College London in the United Kingdom. She studies the current climate and its variability at scales ranging from planetary to regional, determining the responses to climate change and their implications as well as global climate model biases.  

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