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CPO research presented at AGU 2023

collage of CPO presenters at AGU

The annual conference of the American Geophysical Union (AGU) convenes about 25,000 scientists from 100 countries to share research and professional fellowship. In December 2023, a large contingent from the Climate Program Office (CPO) attended AGU in San Francisco to present their publications and innovations on climate research, engagement, communications, and workforce development.

CPO presenters and moderators at AGU included Frank Niepold, Greg Frost, Monika Kopacz, Haley Crim, John Coggin, Hannah Lohman, Todd Christenson, Ginny Selz, Morgan Zabow, Jin Huang, Lisa Vaughn, and Jessica Garrison. They discussed a range of climate topics including the Fifth National Climate Assessment, federal interagency collaboration, science writing best practices, and climate adaptation and resilience. The presentations helped to inform a wider audience about CPO research and innovations that address climate issues.

For more information, contact John Coggin.

Image credit: Gillen Curren

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