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CPO staff to demonstrate integrated climate science and service capabilities at 2016 American Meteorological Society annual meeting in New Orleans


The upcoming American Meteorological Society (AMS) annual meeting, with “Earth System Science in Service to Society” as a guiding theme, will see many presentations by CPO staff, demonstrating the breadth and mission-orientation of CPO’s programs and integrated information systems.

Vieux Carre Historic District of the New Orleans French Quarter. Credit: Wikimedia Commons

The Seventh Conference on Environment and Health will feature a Core Science lecture on One Health by Juli Trtanj, and presentations by Hunter Jones, Frank Niepold, and Roger Pulwarty – addressing issues including health early warning, extreme heat (NIHHIS), climate-linked disease monitoring, climate and health education, and urban aspects of climate and health. The Conference on Environment and Health will be opened with a keynote by Karen B. DeSalvo, MD, MPH, MSc – Acting Assistant Secretary for Health, US Department of Health and Human Services and National Coordinator for Health Information Technology. Dr. DeSalvo earned her MD and MPH at Tulane University, and has a strong connection to New Orleans, including serving as Senior Health Policy Advisor to New Orleans Mayor Mitchell Landrieu from 2011 – 2014, contributing greatly to post-Katrina recovery of the health sector.

Other AMS conferences will feature talks by several other CPO staff including Pulwarty’s presentation on the Global Framework for Climate Services (GFCS), Heather Archambault’s presentation on prediction and predictability along the weather-climate continuum, Nancy Beller-Simms’ presentation on NIDIS and drought early warning, Adrienne Antoine’s presentation on resilient coastal communities and ecosystems, Caitlin Simpson’s presentations on RISA’s work with drought indicators as well as methods of engagement within the RISA program, and Diane Stanitski’s presentation on the need for an Integrated Global Greenhouse Gas Information System. Meredith Muth will co-chair a session on “Opportunities, Obstacles, and Evolving Solutions for Transboundary Climate Services: Experiences from the North American Climate Services Partnership (NACSP)”.

AMS Annual Meeting 2016 CPO Presentations

Presenter Presentation or Session Title
Juli Trtanj, Keynote Lecturer What is One Health: Why Should I Care, and What is the Connection to Climate, Weather and Water?
Juli Trtanj, Session Chair Earth Observations that Support Health Early Warning Systems and Monitoring of Disease Risks
Hunter Jones, Wayne Higgins,
Roger Pulwarty, Juli Trtanj
The Science Basis for Heat-Health Early Warning Systems
Roger Pulwarty, Panelist Urban Studies that Support the Understanding of Urban Growth and Climate Variability Impacts on Health, Adaptation, and Resilience—Part II
Frank Niepold Building Society’s Capacity for Climate Change and Health through Interdisciplinary Training, Education, and Workforce Development
Roger Pulwartyco-author
Steven M. Quiring, J. M. Lucido, L. A. Winslow, T. W. Ford, P. B. Baruah, J. Verdin, R. S. Pulwarty, M. L. Strobel
Development of a Coordinated National Soil Moisture Network: A Pilot Study
Roger Pulwarty, Wayne Higgins, R. Kumar Kolli, Meredith Muth, Marina Timofeyeva Implementing the Global Framework on Climate Services: Information Systems Across the Weather –Climate Continuum
Heather Archambault, Annarita Mariotti, Daniel Barrie, William Chong, Alison Stevens Research on Prediction and Predictability at the Weather-Climate Continuum
Nancy Beller-Simms, Claudia Nierenberg The NIDIS Coping with Drought Initiative: Understanding Drought Awareness and Informing Drought Early Warning Systems
Adrienne Antoine  Supporting Resilient Coastal Communities and Ecosystems in a Changing Climate: Lessons Learned from an Interdisciplinary Research Program
Caitlin Simpson, Sarah Close RISA Progress on Drought Indicators for Decision Making
Caitlin Simpson Methods of Engagement: RISA Approaches
Diane Stanitski, J. H. Butler, P. L. DeCola, O. A. Tarasova, and D. E. Terblanche The Need for an Integrated Global Greenhouse Gas Information System (IG3IS)
Meredith Muth, David Brown – Co-Chairs Panel Discussion 4 – Opportunities, Obstacles, and Evolving Solutions for Transboundary Climate Services: Experiences from the North American Climate Services Partnership (NACSP)

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