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CPO’s Ben DeAngelo to lead U.S. delegation for Arctic Monitoring and Assessment Program meeting


On October 29-31, CPO Deputy Director Ben DeAngelo will lead the U.S. delegation for a meeting of the Arctic Monitoring and Assessment Program (AMAP) — a working group under the Arctic Council —  in Tromso, Norway. The group will discuss a range of in-progress assessments and scoping papers by AMAP’s separate expert groups covering the topics Arctic climate change and its impacts, short-lived climate forcers (primarily methane and black carbon), mercury and other contaminants, marine litter and micro-plastics, and the public health of Arctic indigenous communities under changing environmental conditions. DeAngelo will put forward a proposal to modify AMAP’s peer review procedures to enhance the objectivity and transparency of its existing process, borrowing heavily from lessons learned through the National Climate Assessment. There will also be an update on AMAP’s review of NOAA’s annual Arctic Report Card.

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