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CPO’s CEE Amber Liggett to participate in the Millersville University Center for Disaster Research and Education Virtual Seminar Series

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On Earth Day, Amber Liggett, a Communications Analyst in CPO’s Communication, Education, and Engagement (CEE) Division, will be participating in the Millersville University of Pennsylvania Center for Disaster Research and Education Virtual Seminar Series. As a featured speaker, Amber will explain to emergency management students and professionals how they can better manage environmental hazards. The presentation will focus on weather and climate related hazards. It will cover how to manage these hazards before, during, and after a disaster happens by going through the U.S. Climate Resilience Toolkit’s Steps to Resilience. 

The Steps to Resilience are 1) Explore Hazards 2) Assess Vulnerability & Risk 3) Investigate Options 4) Prioritize & Plan 5) Take Action. This framework helps decision makers, including emergency managers, document climate hazards that could harm the things they care about, decide which situations most people want to avoid, and come up with workable solutions to reduce their climate-related risks. Preparing a city to withstand weather and climate-related hazards can be addressed by applying these steps to regularly update municipal plans. 

Watch the recording »

For more information, contact Amber Liggett.

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