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CPO’s MERT gives presentation to NOS Coastal Science Board on the Science for Sanctuaries Initiative


The NOS Science Board consists of science representatives from every office of NOS; the presentation is designed to increase members’ awareness of work that MERT is conducting in collaboration with Sanctuary personnel: it highlights work already done to identify Sanctuary needs for climate science, aiming to stimulate discussion on ways to translate those needs into a CPO NOFO. The presentation also highlights partnerships between CPO and NOS to develop an additional FFO to address sanctuary climate science needs. The presentation also invites members into a conversation on future areas of collaboration between CPO MERT and NOS science programs. 

By engaging with organizations such as the NOS Coastal Science Board, MERT is reaching the stakeholders and partners that will be critical to achieving MERT’s overarching goal of increasing collaboration between the Office of National Marine Sanctuaries (ONMS) and other NOAA programs. MERT also encourages partnerships between labs, programs, and individual sanctuaries to advance NOAA’s stewardship mission. For more information email


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