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CPO’s Pulwarty speaks at Southern California Water Forum

Teller Lake experiences the plight of drought (DI02689), Photogr

The Climate Program Office’s Roger S. Pulwarty spoke at the Southern California Water Forum at  California State Polytechnic in Pomona, California,  on August 27, 2015. The Forum was hosted by Congresswoman Grace Napolitano.
Pulwarty spoke on the state of water in the West, with special emphasis on potential ENSO impacts on drought in California, and resilience planning in a changing climate. His  talk was developed with input from PSD, NWS, MAPP, NASA, WRCC, the RISA California-Nevada Applications Program and the California Department of Water Resources.
The Forum addressed near-and long-term climate and weather risks to surface and groundwater supplies, the California Water Action Plan, and  innovations by local communities for managing water resources demand (for water supply, Ag, aquifer recharge) and enhancing (desal, efficiency, landscape planning) water supply.

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