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CPO’s RISA Hosted Panel and Poster Sessions at the Global Council for Science and the Environment 2022 Annual Conference


The Global Council for Science and the Environment 2022 Annual Conference took place virtually from June 21-24th, and explored the complex interactions between biodiversity and climate change and how these complexities factor into conservation strategies to protect global biodiversity. CPO’s RISA program organized two sessions for the conference.

Organized and moderated by RISA Program Manager Sean Bath, the panel session—Paradigms, Processes, and Adaptation Pathways for Transformative Change from the NOAA RISA Network—was held on June 21st, and discussed some of the deep accomplishments RISA teams have made in regions since the 1990s. These included the integration of Indigenous approaches and values in Alaska (covered by Sarah Trainor & Adelheid Herrmann from the Alaska RISA), the application of social learning to use-inspired research in the U.S. Southwest (covered by Gigi Owen from the Southwest RISA team), and the upscaling of innovative drought monitoring and measuring methods in the Carolinas (presented by Kirsten Lackstrom from the former Carolinas RISA team). Lastly, RISA Program Manager Ariela Zycherman highlighted where RISA is going in regards to knowledge-to-action, the human dimensions of climate change, and the practice of justice, equity, diversity, and inclusion in science.

The second session was organized by Acting RISA Program Director Caitlin Simpson and RISA Program Specialist Genie Bey. The poster session, titled Innovations to Support Climate Adaptation Across the RISA Network, was held on June 22nd. Attendees were introduced to examples of the innovative approaches the RISA program supports to adapt to climate change, specifically RISA’s work on small and medium sized business disruption as well as the recent focus on fiscal pathways for climate adaptation.

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For more information, contact Genie Bey.

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