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CPO’s Thurston helps organize DBCP Pacific Islands Capacity Building Workshop in Palau, Palau


From May 4-7, 2015, NOAA will lead the first International Workshop on Ocean Observations and Data Applications for the Pacific Islands in Koror, Palau.
NOAA’s Climate Program Office; National Weather Service Offices in Honolulu, American Samoa, and Palau; as well as the
National Ocean Service will join international partners to advance NOAA’s priority of investing in observational infrastructure by providing training on Pacific Islands Ocean Observations and their societal applications.
A workshop goal is to demonstrate the societal and economic benefits of delivering enhanced ocean observing system data for better informed decisions in the areas of climate, fisheries, marine trade, and tourism.
The Climate Observation Division’s Sidney Thurston is a co-organizer of this event. 
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