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CPO’s Zac Cannizzo Selected to Join NOAA Ecosystem Indicator Working Group


Zac Cannizzo, a member of CPO’s Marine Ecosystems Risk Team (MERT), has joined the NOAA Ecosystem Indicator Working Group (EIWG), which aims to develop a NOAA-wide ecosystem indicators and regional report card web-based platform for interested stakeholders. Their efforts have recently resulted in the launch of the National Marine Ecosystem Status (NaMES) website. The activity is partially supported by  CPO’s Assessments Program and connects the wealth of expertise at NCEI/CICS (which supports the USGCRP Indicator Platform) with NOAA’s NaMES effort. 

Cannizzo will bring MERT’s perspective of the intersection of climate and marine ecosystems and strong working knowledge of ONMS indicator needs to the EIWG’s work in the coming year. This includes the evaluation and development of new indicators and focal areas (such as  national marine sanctuaries) as well as the stewardship of the indicators tracked and compiled by the EIWG. MERT’s representation on the EIWG will strengthen relationships between CPO, sanctuaries, and the various NOAA programs involved in the EIWG including NCEI, IEA, IOOS, NCRMP, NCCOS, OCM, and others. This marks one step toward moving many of the indicator-relevant recommendations from the CPO-ONMS Climate Science for Sanctuaries Workshop forward. 

Membership in the EIWG further supports MERT’s overarching initiative to increase collaboration between ONMS and other NOAA programs and develop partnerships between labs, programs and individual sanctuaries to advance NOAA’s stewardship mission. For more information email

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