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Dr. David Legler joins CPO as the new Division Chief for the Climate Observation Division


We are pleased to announce that Dr. David Legler has joined NOAA’s Climate Program Office as the new Division Chief for the Climate Observation Division.
Dr. Legler brings many years of leadership as Director of the U.S. CLIVAR Project Office, as well as his research career in areas of ocean remote sensing, air-sea interaction, air-sea fluxes, and application of climate information in agriculture. He also co-chaired the WOCE Data Products Committee for several years and was on the planning team for both OceanObs99 and OceanObs09.
We would like to acknowledge the stewardship of Dr. David Goodrich who served as interim Chief for the year prior to David’s joining us. We wish him well in his current endeavor of educating today’s youth about climate while he cycles across the US.
Over the past several years, the Climate Observation Division has undergone several changes. The current contact list below indicates current Division responsibilities:
David M Legler, Division Chief
301- 427-2460
Diane Stanitski, OceanSites, Shiptime, Education/Outreach
Candyce Clark, Tropical Moored Buoys, JCOMM
Sidney Thurston, International Coordinator, Shiptime
Joel Levy, Editor of the Sustained Global Ocean Observing System for Climate Annual Report;
Editor of the ocean component of the BAMS State of the Climate Report
Steve Piotrowicz, Argo Program Manager
John Calder, Arctic Program Manager
Kathy Crane, Arctic Program Manager
Gillian Lichota, Arctic Program
Chris Miller, Climate Monitoring Program Manager
Bill Murray, Climate Monitoring Program Manager
Claudia Perez, Financial Management
Climate Observation Division
NOAA Climate Program Office
1100 Wayne Ave, Suite 1202
Silver Spring, MD 20910
Tel: 301-427-2466

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