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Home » Dr. Paul Kirshen, SARP PI, wins Water Resources Research Editor’s Choice Award

Dr. Paul Kirshen, SARP PI, wins Water Resources Research Editor’s Choice Award


Dr. Paul Kirshen, a SARP-funded investigator from the University of New Hampshire, has been awarded a Water Resources Research Editor’s Choice Award for his work on “A risk-based approach to flood management decisions in a nonstationary world,”  which was published in Water Resources in March 2014. 
Starting in 2011, Water Resources Research instituted the Editor’s Choice Awards. Editors’ Choice Award are given to about 1 percent of published articles in any calendar year to provide professional recognition to scientists and students for their outstanding work. The selection is made by the Editors of WRR based on technical significance, novelty, originality, presentation, and broader implications of the publication.
Awards made in a given year are for publication in the previous calendar year, the “award year”. This is recognition for providing info and knowledge to the public. According to their abstract their methodology which uses statistical, economic and hydrologic aspects of flood management can “provide a rational decision approach in a nonstationary world”.
The award was given to work done under a SARP grant.
To access the paper, visit:

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