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FEMA announces initial designation of Community Disaster Resilience Zones

FEMA's Community Disaster Resilience Zones viewer
Image credit: FEMA
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On September 6th, FEMA announced their designation of 483 Community Disaster Resilience Zones. Community Disaster Resilience Zones will build disaster resilience across the nation by driving federal, public and private resources to the most at-risk and in-need jurisdictions. Designated zones will have prioritized support to access federal funding and technical assistance for resilience and mitigation projects. Dr. Ned Gardiner of the CEE division, program manager for Climate-Smart Communities Initiative (CSCI), negotiated with the awardee of the CSCI grant as well as with FEMA to have CSCI included in the FEMA announcement.

Like the Community Disaster Resilience Zones, NOAA’s Climate-Smart Communities Initiative program, which is funded by the Inflation Reduction Act, will accelerate the pace and reduce the cost of climate resilience-building for communities across the United States. The CSCI program will work with communities to co-develop equitable climate resilience plans that can be readied for funding and implementation. The priority is to assist communities that are at the highest risk to climate impacts and natural hazards and have the most need for assistance, such as the FEMA-identified Community Disaster Resilience Zones.

Learn more about the Community Disaster Resilience Zones » 

For more information, contact Ned Gardiner.

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