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FEMA Climate Change Planning Guidance for Response and Recovery

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The FEMA National Planning Branch has published guidance for emergency response and recovery using climate expertise from throughout NOAA. This document was vetted by NOAA climate experts in flooding, wildfire, drought, heat, hurricanes, and resilience planning. CPO’s Ned Gardiner worked with report authors and experts throughout NOAA to ensure accurate and timely information about climate was used throughout, including detailed references to the Steps to Resilience climate assessment and planning framework from the U.S. Climate Resilience Toolkit. Stakeholders providing reviews of technical material for accuracy included Doug Kluck (Midwest RCSD), Sylvia Reeves (NIDIS), Hunter Jones (NIHHIS), Doug Marcy (OCM), and Jessica Halofsky (U.S. Forest Service). The planning guidance will help FEMA response and recovery planners to incorporate considerations for long-term hazards and threats that may alter or complicate incident response, recovery, preparedness, and consequence management. Planners may find these documents useful in enhancing their understanding of how FEMA planners will integrate these types of planning considerations into existing planning products.

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For more information, contact Ned Gardiner.

Image credit: FEMA


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