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Great Lakes and South Central RISA teams win $2.1M grant to work with 60 cities in the Gulf region


With new funding from the National Academies’ Gulf Research Program, the CPO Great Lakes and South Central RISA teams will partner to scale up a municipal vulnerability assessment template, developed in the Great Lakes, to the Gulf region. Communities along the Gulf coast are coping with stronger and more frequent storms that are expected to worsen in the future, and it is increasingly challenging to anticipate and prepare for these events. To increase their future resilience, cities need to plan to respond and adapt, yet many currently lack the capacity to do so. Enabling cities to engage more easily and consistently with scientists and organizations working on resilience and climate adaptation is a way to build this capacity, but cost-effectively maintaining and scaling up such engagement can be difficult. This project seeks to help cities build their climate adaptation capacities by finding more cost-effective methods to build relationships with scientists and organizations that can assist them. The project will use different technology-assisted communications methods to work with 60 cities throughout Alabama, Florida, Louisiana, Mississippi, and Texas to assess their vulnerability and integrate climate adaptation into existing planning processes. It will identify best practices that can guide similar efforts elsewhere.

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