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MAPP & NIDIS Introduce Interactive Web App Recounting Historic California Drought


From 2011-2017, California experienced a record-breaking drought that severely impacted its communities and environment. On top of its significant economic cost, the drought contributed to the death of over 100 million trees, exacerbated wildfires, threatened wildlife populations, and caused extreme water shortages. So what happened and why?

A new interactive web application created by the NOAA MAPP Program, in partnership with NIDIS, takes a deep dive into the multi-year drought and highlights ongoing MAPP-funded research efforts to better monitor, understand, and predict these devastating events. Called a “Story Map,” the web app describes the water resources and management in California, traces the progression of the drought, and explores what experts think may have contributed to its severity through an immersive user experience.

CNAP (a NOAA RISA), NOAA NCEI, California Department of Water Resources, and Columbia University supported this project and provided editing and content reviews.

View the story map

Want to hear more about the historic drought from the experts themselves? Tune in on May 29 to the California-Nevada Drought and Climate Outlook Webinar to listen to scientists walk through the story map, and get information on current drought conditions and impacts, as well as a preview of current and developing climatic events. For more info and to register »

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