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MAPP Webinar

Date/Time Title
October 22, 2013
1:30 PM – 3:45 PM ET
MAPP/CDPW Webinar: The National Multi-Model Ensemble
  Speakers and Topics: Jin Huang (NOAA CTB)
NMME update and next steps

Ben Kirtman (University of Miami)
The Diversity of ENSO in the NMME Prediction Experiment

Timothy DelSole (COLA)
Does the Multi-Model Ensemble Enhance Skill?

Kathy Pegion (University of Colorado/NOAA ESRL)
A Preliminary look at MJO Forecast Skill in the NMME

Huug van den Dool (NOAA CPC)
Aspects of land surface hydrology in the NMME

Bertrand Denis (CMC)
Soil moisture biases and their correction in CanSIPS operational forecasts

Emily Becker (NOAA CPC)
The North American Multi-Model Ensemble: verification of real-time monthly-mean forecasts

Qin Zhang (NOAA CPC)
On the upward temperature trend (1982-present) in the NMME hindcasts

Suranjana Saha (NOAA EMC)
Gauging Systematic Errors of NMME models

Remote Access:   To view the slideshow:
1. Click the link below or copy and paste the link to a browser:
2. Enter your name and e-mail address, and click “Join Now”. If necessary, enter the event passcode: 20910
To hear the audio:
Utilize the on-screen dial-in instructions visible after logging into webex
Webex and the teleconference line can accommodate only 100 attendees on a first-come, first-served basis. Please try to share a connection with colleagues at your institution to preserve space for others.
Download Webcast:

(Right click and Save Link As) Part1.mp4 & Part2.mp4

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