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Marine aerosol workshop report released in Atmospheric Science Letters


Over forty scientists from six countries convened in Raleigh, NC on June 4–6 2012 to review the status and prospects of sea spray aerosol research. The conclusions of this workshop were outlined in a paper recently published on June 21 in Atmospheric Science Letters.
Co-sponsored by NOAA, NSF, DOE, NASA, and DOD-ONR, this event brought together researchers from the oceanography and atmospheric science communities, including academia, private industry, and government agencies. The participants’ primary objectives were to (1) identify the most critical open questions regarding sea spray aerosol and develop a list of priorities for conducting and facilitating novel research and (2) rank the most pressing science questions based on their feasibility impact on reducing the current uncertainty ranges for different processes.
Overall, the participants of this meeting stressed the need for better communication and collaboration between interdisciplinary fields of sea spray aerosol research in order to improve the understanding of the complex issues involving sea spray aerosols. They viewed collaboration between those doing laboratory studies, field measurements, remote sensing, and modeling efforts as essential to quickly improving the understanding of the complex issues involving sea spray aerosols.
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