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Home » Marine Ecosystem Risk Team (MERT) Awarded NOS Peer “Rafting” Award for work with Sanctuaries

Marine Ecosystem Risk Team (MERT) Awarded NOS Peer “Rafting” Award for work with Sanctuaries


Assistant Administrator of NOS Nicole LeBoeuf has selected CPO’s Marine Ecosystem Risk Team (MERT) members Virgina Selz, Daniel Barrie, and David Herring as recipients of a 2021 NOS Peer Recognition “Rafting” Award for outstanding leadership in advancing national marine sanctuary climate science needs and actions to inform climate resilient sanctuary management. This award recognizes coordination among NOS offices and provides NOS employees the opportunity to express their appreciation to another NOS or NOAA federal colleague who has helped them in some unique way. The award will be formally presented at the NOS Awards Ceremony on December 1, 2021.

This award recognizes efforts that are a part of the Marine Ecosystems Risk Team (MERT) initiative. Through this initiative, MERT has worked to identify and connect the climate science and information needs of the National Marine Sanctuary System with NOAA and OAR’s climate science capacity. The increased collaboration between the Office of National Marine Sanctuaries and other NOAA programs is yielding new partnerships among labs, programs, and individual sanctuaries to advance NOAA’s stewardship mission. 

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