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Mariotti and Nierenberg speak at Great Plains Studies Symposium


CPO scientists Claudia Nierenberg (NIDIS) and Annarita Mariotti (MAPP) have been invited to speak at 40th Annual Center for Great Plains Studies Symposium “Drought in the Life, Cultures and Landscapes of the Great Plains.” The symposium is scheduled for April 1-4 in Lincoln, Neb.
Nierenberg and Mariotti’s talk is entitled  “Coordinating research and networks to advance understanding monitoring, prediction of droughts and society’s preparedness,” and will describe NIDIS and Drought Task Force activities.
Experts from across the full spectrum of disciplines and organizations dealing with drought will be sharing their expertise and perspectives as the symposium explores all aspects, causes, impacts, projections, social and cultural consequences, and ramifications of drought in the Great Plains.
For more information, visit:

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