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MERT supports development of “Climate Change in National Marine Sanctuaries” video


The Marine Ecosystems Risk Team (MERT) supported the development of “Climate Change in National Marine Sanctuaries”, a video released by the Office of National Marine Sanctuaries (ONMS) this week. The video highlights how climate change is affecting sanctuaries and how NOAA is addressing climate change impacts in these spectacular places. It is expected to be the first in a series of videos that will explore how sanctuaries are addressing various aspects of climate change. 

In addition to the MERT-supported climate coordinator drafting the script for this video, MERT will be involved in the development of future videos in this series in partnership with ONMS. The development of communications materials that highlight the important role of climate change in sanctuary management for improved public awareness and understanding is an important part of the Marine Ecosystems Risk Team (MERT) initiative. This video, and the following video series, will serve to reinforce and expand the growing partnership between CPO and ONMS to advance public awareness and understanding of the intersection of climate change and national marine sanctuaries.

Watch the video on YouTube »

View the MERT initiative webpage »

For more information, contact Zac Cannizzo.

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