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Metropolitan Mayors Caucus releases Chicago Regional Priority Action Plan with CEE support

cover of the Chicago PCAP
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On March 1, the Metropolitan Mayors Caucus completed the Priority Climate Action Plan (PCAP) for the Chicago Metropolitan Statistical Area (MSA) to support eligible jurisdictions seeking funding for the implementation of Priority GHG Reduction Strategies identified by this plan. The PCAP acknowledges the contributions of National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) toward preparing the Metropolitan Mayors Caucus and member municipalities to plan for strategic climate action, especially NOAA’s assistance in preparing the 2021 Climate Action Plan for the Chicago region. The 2021 Climate Action Plan served as the foundation for the PCAP and was co-authored by CEE’s Ned Gardiner.

For more information, contact Ned Gardiner.

Image credit: Metropolitan Mayors Caucus

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