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New article published on Climate ECHO program

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A new article was published in Science Direct detailing the Climate ECHO program, which  was formed in February 2021 to train health professionals on how to communicate the health-related effects of climate change. The program’s objectives include increasing knowledge and self-efficacy of climate change, improving communication among clinicians, community health workers, and patients regarding the health-related effects of climate change, and advancing knowledge on environmental justice and health equity to reduce health disparities. The Climate ECHO programme has grown to engage more than 4000 unique participants from all 50 US states and more than 45 countries.

CEE’s David Herring was a collaborator and co-host of the first two Climate and Health ECHO series of courses, as well as an author on the Science Direct article. He helped define the scope of topics to be addressed and identified subject matter experts in NOAA and in other agencies who could lead those courses. David also taught courses and demonstrated the use of several relevant NOAA and federal data tools to promote awareness and use by participants in the Climate ECHO program.

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For more information, contact David Herring.

Image credit: University of New Mexico


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