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New CVP and MAPP webinar series will present results from Climate Process Teams research

sea surface temperature map

NOAA’s Climate Variability and Predictability (CVP) and the Modeling, Analysis, Predictions And Projections Program (MAPP) are co-hosting a webinar series on Climate Process Teams (CPTs). The series will highlight the recent results from the projects that were co-funded between NOAA’s CVP and MAPP programs and other Federal agencies including National Science Foundation (NSF) and the Department of Energy (DOE). The goal of CPTs is to accelerate improvements in representing oceanic and atmospheric processes in climate models through interdisciplinary research.

The webinar series will have seven sessions (running on a weekly basis) starting on Thursday, March 14, 2024 and ending on Thursday, April 25, 2024. All sessions will be held at 2:00PM Eastern. Each session will be one-hour long, and feature two, 20-minute presentations with time for questions from the audience. All sessions will be recorded and will be available online afterwards.

The webinar schedule is as follows:

Thursday, March 14

  • Introduction to Climate Process Teams
    • Agency Managers

Thursday, March 21

  • Revising the representation of snow and radiation-topography interactions in the GFDL Earth System Model
    • Presenter: Enrico Zorzetto, NOAA GFDL
  • Regional and Teleconnected Impacts of Radiation-Topography Interaction over the Tibetan Plateau
    • Presenter: Dalei Hao, PNNL

Thursday, March 28 

  • Enhancing snow albedo modeling in Community Land Model (CLM v5)
    • Presenter: Cenlin He, NCAR
  • Improving Modeled Momentum flux in the atmospheric boundary layer
    • Presenter: Colin Zarzycki, Pennsylvania State University

Thursday, April 4

  • Ocean Transport and Eddy Energy
    • Presenter: Laure Zanna, New York University
  • Using geostrophic turbulence theory to design an energetically-consistent viscous closure for eddying ocean models
    • Presenter: Ian Grooms, University of Colorado

Thursday, April 11  

  • Modeling momentum transport in climate simulations of boundary-layer winds with the higher order parameterization scheme CLUBB in the GFDL-AM4 model
    • Presenter: Emanuele Silvio Gentile, NOAA GFDL
  • EDMF Unified Parameterization CPT
    • Presenter: Joao Teixeira, NASA JPL

Thursday, April 18

  • The CLASP CPT: Coupling Land and Atmospheric Sub-grid Parameterizations
    • Presenter: Nathaniel Chaney, Duke University
  • Representing surface heterogeneity in land-surface coupling in E3SM
    • Presenter: Po-Lun Ma, PNNL

Thursday, April 25

  • Takeaways of the CPTs and a Look to their Future
    • Discussion Panel of Agency Managers

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For questions about the webinar series, please contact Jose Algarin.

Image credit: NOAA

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