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New Data Product Offers Ensemble Global Ocean CO2


An international group of scientists, including those supported by CPO’s Climate Observations and Monitoring (COM) program, have developed a new data product: SeaFlux. Published in Earth System Science Data (ESSD), SeaFlux provides an ensemble of global surface ocean carbon dioxide (CO2) concentrations and air-sea carbon flux estimates. Surface ocean CO2 observations are key in understanding the global carbon cycle and how much CO2 the ocean removes from the atmosphere. However, current global ocean CO2 flux estimates can vary, especially spatially. SeaFlux is meant as a dataset which will provide a consistent approach, specifically targeting the most commonly used surface ocean CO2 data. Using six global observation-based mapping products and three wind products, SeaFlux is an ensemble data product and aims to support scientific community efforts to perform model–data intercomparisons which will help to identify missing fluxes and improve our understanding of the global carbon budget.

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Image credit: NOAA Education

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