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New Interactive Tool: Water Utilities and Climate

A background on the effects of climate on stormwater and wastewater services

CPO’s Climate and Societal Interactions Division recently published a new interactive tool called a “story map,” developed by 2020 William Lapenta Intern Jack Barker, for decision makers, scientists, and others working with or providing climate information and data for water utilities. The story map provides a background on stormwater and wastewater services and helps answer questions like: 

  • what happens to water that you use for dish washing after it goes down your pipe;
  • where does rain that hits the sidewalk end up after a storm; and
  • how does climate impact stormwater management in different parts of the country?

The story map was developed as part of CPO’s Water Resources Climate Risk Team efforts as well as a project led by CPO and NOAA’s Satellite and Information Service to better understand small and medium size water utilities’ weather and climate needs.

View the story map »


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