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New MAPP Marine Ecosystem Task Force


CPO’s Modeling, Analysis, Predictions, and Projections (MAPP) program has organized a new Marine Ecosystem Task Force (METF) in coordination with the NOAA Fisheries Office of Science and Technology (OST). The first meeting of the METF took place on October 7th and is led by NOAA Research, NOAA Fisheries, and university scientists. The METF is a three-year effort that will organize 40+ researchers funded by MAPP with co-support from NOAA Fisheries OST. Their research efforts are aimed to improve modeling for marine ecosystem applications and advance the R&D that undergirds the NOAA Research-NOAA Fisheries Climate Fisheries Initiative. Juliana Dias (NOAA ESRL/PSL), Mike Jacox (NMFS SWFSC and NOAA ESRL/PSL), Colleen Petrik (Texas A&M), and Charlie Stock (NOAA GFDL) are leading the Task Force. Drs. Jacox and Stock have co-led the NOAA Research-NOAA Fisheries white papers and implementation plan and will seek to connect Task Force activities with the plan. Specific METF activities will emerge organically from the interests of the group’s membership and the leads. To learn more about this task force and its members, please visit our page

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