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NIDIS and National Weather Service Host Flash Drought Webinar Series


The National Integrated Drought Information System (NIDIS) and the National Weather Service are pleased to co-host a series of three webinars in 2021 to help climate professionals and operational service providers better understand the flash drought phenomenon, its defining characteristics and how it varies by region and season, its impacts on agricultural and other stakeholders, and the potential for improved monitoring, prediction, and planning/response tools (e.g., datasets, maps).

Flash droughts begin as normal droughts but then develop or intensify in a matter of weeks, causing extensive damage to agriculture, economies, and ecosystems if they are not predicted and discovered early.

The first webinar will take place on Tuesday, June 22, and will showcase the “state of the science” on flash drought, based on presentations from the December 2020 NIDIS-sponsored Flash Drought Virtual Workshop. A live Q&A with the presenters will follow. Later webinars will focus on current understanding and future priorities for flash drought, as well as emerging tools for flash drought monitoring and prediction.

Part of CPO’s mission is to foster the application of climate science, outreach, and capacity building activities in risk management and adaptation efforts. NIDIS is supporting this goal by bringing together experts on flash drought, where there is a need for more research and improved monitoring, prediction, and planning tools, and by conducting outreach to help climate professionals and operational service providers better understand and prepare for this phenomenon.

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