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NIDIS to Co-organize 2021 National Soil Moisture Workshop


Soil moisture is a critical land surface variable, and an accurate depiction of soil moisture conditions can provide valuable insights for agricultural monitoring, weather prediction and drought and flood early warning. To improve soil moisture monitoring, on August 18-19 the National Integrated Drought Information System (NIDIS) is co-organizing the virtual 2021 National Soil Moisture Workshop, providing a unique opportunity for leaders in soil moisture research and development to come together to exchange ideas and develop collaborations. NIDIS Soil Moisture Program Specialist Marina Skumanich is serving on the organizing committee for the workshop.

The workshop will offer a highly focused venue for presenting cutting-edge research on soil moisture monitoring, highlight new applications of soil moisture data, and identify research needs. It will also stimulate progress toward realizing the vision of the National Coordinated Soil Moisture Monitoring Network—a multi-agency, multi-institutional initiative to integrate soil moisture data from around the country.

Event partners include the USDA, USGS, NASA, and the National Drought Mitigation Center. Registration is open until August 1, 2021.

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